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I am happy to accept bitcoins as payment.

Today's exchange rate is : a 3/4 lb jar of honey for 0.025 bitcoins. Shipping to the UK costs 0.01 bitcoins.

The rate is based on a weighted average over the past week plus a small premium to account for the volatility. Data from bitpay.com (coming soon)

Shipping costs - Will be sent via Royal Mail
Destination Cost in BitCoins
UK 0.01
Europe 0.03
World Zone 1 0.1
World Zone 2 0.15

Please send bitcoins to the following address:


Then contact me via email with your shipping address. My email address is here. And I will send the items when the bitcoin payment appears on my mobile bitcoin wallet.

The bitcoin exchange rate comes from bitpay.com API with a small premium to account for volitily.